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Tray Rack

Tray Rack
Tray Rack
Product Code : Tray Rack
Brand Name : Snap Marketing
Product Description

Tray Rack

Whatever your method of making tea/coffee (whether TPOT/HOTPOT, MTC or EE (Espresso coffee maker) or any other, for neat workplace, hygienic operation and quick & efficient working, some organised system is required. This is the role fulfilled by the TrayRack. It is a vertical stack of self-supported, feather-touch slide-frames which come out fully, without falling off, allowing you to lift/place the trays easily. The photo-feature is self-explanatory.

The Tray Rack broadly consists of three parts:

Base Rack (BR):

  • Consists of one ingredients-drawer and two slide-frames with two stainless steel trays
  • For low capacity, only BR could be Ok
  • You can mount Top Rack or Inter Rack on top
Top Rack (TR):
  • This rack has only one fixed- frame with one stainless steel tray
  • It can be mounted on the Base Rack or Inter Racks but no other rack can be mounted on top of it; it will be always on the top
Inter Racks (IR):
  • These can be mounted on top of the Base Rack or other Inter Racks
  • Each has one slide-frame and one stainless steel tray
  • Add as many as required/ you are comfortable with (Mugs etc are to show use of product, not a part of standard supply)
  • All in heavy-duty 304 stainless steel

Dimensions wXdXh
Mm (inches)
Weight kg
Base Rack330(13)X406(16)X260(10.25)7.5
Top Rack330(13)X406(16)X102(04.00)0.9
Inter Rack330(13)X406(16)X133(05.25)1.2