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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers
Hand Dryers
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Product Description
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  • There are three usual methods of drying hands: Cloth towels
  • Paper tissues
  • Hand Dryers
  • Each ‘industry’ claims that their method gives the best result in terms of hygiene, carrying/ not-carrying germs/bacteria, cost effectiveness etc
  • It is like saying that only breakfast or lunch or dinner is the best meal
  • It is for the buyer (installer) to determine his criteria and determine to meet it by installing one product group exclusively or more, in combo
  • We are, of course, rooting for hand dryers

1. Cloth Towels.2. Paper Tissues.3. Hand Dryers.
> Least drying time, few seconds.> Less time (several seconds).> Max time.min 20-30 seconds.
A Welcome Break! See Below
> Feeling of pro-active hand drying.
Can scrub/dry hands thoroughly.
> Likewise, but hands can be
‘petted’ fully dry.
> Passive drying. Through rubbing/ 1 drying possible but only if used for 1 specified minimum time.

> Each. towel used by several people;
transfer of germs highly possible.
> Since disposable, should be germs-free.> Even if germs could ‘grow’ within dryer
they will be killed while passing through
heater. Air temp at exit, 50 - 70 degC
above ambient temperature.
Delivers sterilised air for safe drying.
> Least installation cost.> Low installation cost.> Highest installation cost. Lasts 10+ yrs!
> Highest running cost
(Washing, replacement, stocking &
> High running cost.
(unnecessary excessive usage.
cost/ labour for refilling).
> Negligible running cost, saves money.
(no labour, no filling).